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P.O. Box 16245 | Mbauda Road Ngusero-Sombetini

Arusha, Tanzania

© 2018 by Kadogoo Tanzania Ltd

Meet our team and the story behind


I started Kadogoo right after school to get some money for living.


When I got myself a bit comfortable I decided to follow my heart and launch Progress for Africa. This NGO was created to facilitate and support the educational process of minors living in a situation of social exclusion, living in the surroundings of Arusha.


Now most of the volunteers collaborating in our project stay with us. You can see them around giving life to the hostel and having their meetings in the living room, in the terrace; etc.

Why kadogoo?

Kadogoo is my mum’s nickname and I chose it because I wanted everybody to feel like at home. That’s also the reason why we chose an African woman as image of the company.

Kadogoo is not a hostel, Kadogoo is a big family.


Josky is a member of Progress for Africa and lives in Kadogoo. You will see him often working with the volunteers, chilling around and playing some good music. He is always willing to help you.


Dullah also lives with us and is very often around. He is very friendly so his presence is always much appreciated.

You can always count on him for anything you may need!


Upendo takes care of our home.


She prepares delicious breakfasts and dinners and she makes sure that our place is clean and tidy. 

We always miss her on Sundays, her day off.


James is also a member of Progress for Africa and our neighbor. 


You will see him everyday around, working with the volunteers and watching movies with us.

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