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In Kadogoo hostel we provide suitable accommodations. In our house, you will find comfortable beds, European toilets, hot and cold shower and full-time running water. The expenses are: SINGLE BED IN A SHARING ROOM: $15 or 12 € * (All the prices are per person/per night) * We accept Tanzanian shillings equivalence: BOOKING & PAYMENT (Terms and conditions) We require a payment of the 50% of the stay for confirming your booking. In case you have to cancel the booking, we will take the 50% of the balance as a non- refundable deposit, and we will give you back the other 50%. The rest of the amount will be paid once you are already in Kadogoo Hostel, and it will be non-refundable. If there is availability, and you want to extend your time with us, you are always welcome. CONTACT US FOR BOOKINGS:  info@kadogoohostel.com                                             
Breakfast and dinner are included in the price (vegetarian /non-vegetarian meals). There is free laundry service every Saturday. Each bed includes sheets and a mosquito net. Enjoy our comfortable sitting-room with the others guests, including our book shelf, DVD collection and TV. Store your belongings in your own locker. If you want to make your stay shorter or go for a trip during the time you have booked with us, you have to pay 50% of the accommodation. Kadogoo Hostel will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any of the valuables.
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