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Are you thinking about volunteering in Africa? Are you a back-pack traveler? Are you looking for high-quality & cheap accommodation in Arusha? Would you like to meet like-minded people from different countries? Do you want to go on safari, mount climbing, and enjoy the fantastic natural resources of Tanzania?  If the answer is yes... WELCOME TO KADOGOO HOSTEL KARIBU TANZANIA
Kadogoo Hostel is a friendly place where you will find much more than simply a great accommodation. We also offer a huge variety of volunteer projects in colaboration with the local NGO Progress for Africa Foundation  and we arrange any kind of safari, mount climbing, day trips, and beach retreats.  There is no minimum stay in our hostel, or required volunteering experience, so you choose exactly how you want to spend your time. Here you will meet people from different countries with similar interests. You will be able to participate in our volunteer programs and feel proud of yourself for helping your host community. You will discover the awesome wildlife in the national parks and the amazing views from the highest mountains in Africa. You will enjoy the fantastic night life of Arusha. And you will relax in the incredible beaches of the Tanzania coast. We look forward to hearing from you! 
Kadogoo Hostel was founded in 2012 by Bakari Yusuph from Tanzania to provide travel accommodation and help our community through volunteer opportunities. Kadogoo is Bakari´s mom nickname, and we chose it because we wanted to make our hostel familiar, like you never left home.
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